Highway Bridge Repair

About This Project

The work involved upgrading the load capacity of a 200’ long trestle highway bridge.



Creston BC

The project involved upgrading the capacity of a 10 span, 200 foot trestle bridge located in Creston, BC. The existing Ekki wood deck was first removed and salvaged for the owner to use on future projects. The cross ties were then removed exposing the timber stringers. All undersized or deteriorating stringers were replaced and additional stingers were added to increase the bridge capacity. A new deck was then installed. The construction was undertaken a half a bay at a time which allowed Johnston Construction to reduce the impact to the traveling public. During work hours a single lane was maintained on the bridge for traffic flow. The work was also timed so that at the end of each day the crew would complete a section allowing the entire bridge to be reopened overnight.

Principal Client:
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure