Resource Bridge Work

About This Project

The work involved removing and replacing six bridges: two timber deck steel girder bridges, three composite bridges and one concrete box girder bridge including associated approach work and river bank armoring.

Bull-Galbraith FSR, Left fork at 40kms on the Bull River FSR

The Bull-Galbraith FSR Bridge Replacements contract involved replacing a total of 6 bridges along the FSR.  The existing bridges were degrading and many had significantly reduced allowable load limits.

Johnston Construction first installed some detour bridges adjacent to the weakest structures and temporarily reinforced the other bridges.  This allowed the crew, equipment and materials to get to the bridge sites.

The services of an independent engineering firm were secured by Johnston Construction for the project.  As each of the bridges was installed they were inspected and, upon completion, letters of certification and as-built drawings were provided to the owner.

The project was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule and on budget.


Principal Client:
BC Ministry of Forests and Range